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Introducing the Latest Pandemic Sweeping the Nation- No-Time-Itis

Please join me to explore the toll of neglecting nutrition and lifestyle change for Burnout Recovery.

‘’I know what I should be doing….BUT I don’t have the time…Because…*insert reason here.*’’

Reasons ranging from-

I am too busy getting the kids sorted

I am too busy with work

I have to do everything for everybody else

I have to make 4 different dinners a night


Time Management is definitely one of the biggest obstacles I witness when it comes to implementing change with diet when overcoming burnout. If I had a pound for every person who gave me one of the reasons I have listed above.

This is a massive problem. We have had first hand experience of a pandemic over the past few years. I think it would be safe to say that we can add a new pandemic to the list- No-Time-itis.

This is a massive contributor to Burnout across the board! The modern world that we live in is causing us to have so many distractions and different pulls on our time and energy. Have you ever clocked how many hours you spend on social media a day. We have all been there- taking our phones out and having a quick 5 minutes on tik tok. Then you check and it’s 30 minutes later and you are so far down a tik tok rabbit hole that you don’t even know how you got there!

Then throw into the mix the demands of everyday life- work, family, pets etc. It’s no wonder we are exhausted, frazzled and don’t have the time or energy to implement new diet and lifestyle changes.

My point here is that we must prioritise what we focus our time and attention on. I am not saying don’t ever have a good tik tok scroll because that can be a hoot! What I am saying is we need to prioritise the things that will support our health and wellbeing goals.

To be frank, when you say you don’t have time to make diet changes you are actually saying-

I don’t have time-

To feel well

To feel energised

To be free of pain

To overcome burnout

To balance my hormones

Now before you come at me. I am not saying that diet and lifestyle change are the only things that are going to affect your ability to overcome burnout or any of the other things that I have listed above. What I am getting at is that what you are fuelling your body with is something you are mainly in control of- I know there are situations where this may be more difficult like when it comes to cost of living crisis and if you are using food banks for example. But you can still make more nutritious choices if you use these services and can put some time into preparing fresh meals.

The cure for NO-TIME-ITIS is changing up the routine. Getting right into the nitty gritty of what is stopping you make change. It involves putting in place a new structure that will allow you to be prepared for the week ahead. Generally putting aside blocks of time to get organised for your week ahead. It is really simple when implemented but it isn’t as simple as just saying-

‘’Okay I am going to meal prep’’

Because if it comes to a Sunday and that is your day for meal prepping, and you don’t have your meal prepping plan and ingredients then you won’t do your Sunday meal prep. Hopefully you are getting the jist-

So to put this simply there is prep that needs to happen for the prep. Including store cupboard inventory, shopping lists, shopping trips or online shopping, recipe plans and then we can go ahead and do the meal prep.

Once this becomes part of your weekly routine you will never turn back. It takes away the guess work when you open the fridge for breakfast lunch and dinner. Allowing you to have the building blocks for nutritious meals at your finger tips. This is where my concept of meal building was born from.

Check out upcoming posts to learn more about Burnout Recovery, straightforward meal builder methods to maximise your time and energy and LOT’S MORE!

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