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About Jade

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Burned Out High Achieving Women in Their 30's and 40's who are busy, stressed and can't continue with their current nutrition and lifestyle habits.


Help you to achieve balance beyond burnout by overcoming your everyday obstacles with realistic habit changes that can transform your health and your life.

At age 27 I appeared to be bubbly and outgoing to anyone who knew me but this was all a front. I was masking daily feelings of burnout, debilitating anxiety and low energy levels.

At this point I was doing intense training sessions and bootcamps, I was focusing on eating to manage my weight rather than for my health and I never really slept well and accepted that as, ‘that’s just the way I am’, I didn’t know any different. My body went through daily cycles of being on high alert to crashing and feeling completely burnt out, it was crippling.


A colleague of mine told me about a Naturopathic therapist they had visited and I decided that I would give it a try. I had the consultation and was sent away with a little yellow post it note with a list of things to focus on with my diet and supplements.

I remember thinking, right where do I even start here? But I soon got used to my new dietary and lifestyle changes and they became second nature.


After a month of making the changes I started sleeping through the night without waking. This was a game changer! I wasn’t struggling to get out of bed in the morning and my anxiety seemed to be reducing bit by bit. After 2 months the extra stone of weight I was carrying had started melting off.  Overtime I continued to feel better and stronger and felt like a new and improved version of myself. Everyone I met was commenting on how good I looked and how happy I seemed.  I then realised that there was no arguing with the biology of the body and how food as fuel has a massive impact.


It was then that I decided that Nutrition was my passion and I wanted to learn more about the power of food so I moved to London and spent 3 years studying to be a nutritionist. Today nearly 10 years down the line I have learned a lot on my journey with nutritional therapy. I am now helping women all across the world to find balance beyond burnout. To take control of their lives and energy levels with my signature one to one nutrition & health coaching programme.

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