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Do you struggle with the basics when it comes to diet and nutrition?

Most people are looking for the next magic pill or quick fix when it comes to supporting their body nutritionally for health and wellbeing.

First of all lets take a look at the phrase 'health and wellbeing'..

It looks very different depending on who you ask. One person's view of health is supporting immune health, whilst another person's view of health is losing weight and being lean. My point here is health and wellbeing is in the eye of the beholder.

So just in case you were wondering what my view of health and wellbeing, as a nutrition professional is, and before you guess..

No it has nothing to do with counting calories or macros..

It has everything to do with-

Having energy and motivation to carry out your everyday tasks

Being in a positive head space to feel optimistic about everyday life

Feeling (mostly) free of daily aches and pains

Having a balanced, healthy relationship with food

Maintaining the right weight for you and your body

Feeling equipped to manage daily stress

Getting good quality sleep

For me these are non-negotiables in any health and wellbeing journey. It is impossible to thrive on a daily basis if you are running from an empty tank.

In my own personal experience nearly 10 years ago, I was in that place where I accepted a mediocre approach to health and wellbeing. I didn't sleep well, but accepted that this was just how it was. I had crippling anxiety that was debilitating on a very regular basis and I struggled with focus and concentration.

However I consider myself to be extremely lucky that I have made the right nutrition and lifestyle changes for me that have freed me from the weight of the struggles I experienced. Don't get me wrong I still have my bad days- i'm still human. But the good days outweigh the bad!

Fast forward to today, I still speak to people on a daily basis who struggle with diet and lifestyle change. They are desperately seeking answers that will help them on their health journey. They are also overwhelmed by the information being thrown at them through social media and influencers. And they are no further forward on their quest for answers.

I want to provide some focus and clarity on making meaningful and long lasting diet and lifestyle change. Starting with the fundamentals..Yes the basics!

I can hear you she serious? I know I need to drink water and eat more veggies..

So why aren't you doing it then?

We encounter obstacles, even with the basics. These obstacles prevent us from implementing impactful habit change.

So my point today is be mindful of the basics and lay the foundations with the fundamentals-


Reducing intake of processed foods

Replenishing with wholefoods

Managing sleep and stress

If you give these four pillars the appropriate care and attention they need you are likely to see massive changes to your energy levels, mood, motivation and physical health.

Look I am not saying that these are the only factors that have an impact on your health or any symptoms or conditions you experience.


They do play a massive role in health and wellbeing

They are something that we have control over and can implement change with

They have been shown through research studies to make substantial change to physical and mental health

So my question to you is..

What do you have to lose?

I have never met a person who has regretted making positive change with their diet and lifestyle.

On 1st September 2022 at 7pm GMT+1 I am running a FREE workshop that will talk about incorporating meaningful change with nutrition and lifestyle basics. This is a programme and technique that has helped hundreds, maybe even thousands of people change their relationship with food.

It would be great to see you there. Sign up here

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