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Burn Out Busters- Thriving in The Modern Jungle of Everyday Life

Burnout is a phrase that has been mainly linked to the corporate and professional industry. However, I think it’s safe to say that burnout is something that is heavily linked to simply trying to survive everyday life. Whether that is trying to stay on top of your own work/life balance, struggling to organise your kids activities, social calendars and provide nutritious food for the family. Or feeling disconnected because every activity you do seems to be online and lacks human connection- working online, social media and dating online.

So how do you know if you are burnt out?

Burnout is defined by

1. Emotional exhaustion- the fatigue that comes from caring too much for too long.

2. Depersonalisation- the depletion of empathy, caring and compassion.

3. Decreased sense of accomplishment- feeling like nothing you do makes a difference.

If you can relate to any or all of the above it is likely you are experiencing burnout. (1)

I can one hundred percent relate to this. Feeling tired and wired. Thinking the solution was to just push that bit harder. Take that extra high intensity exercise class and keep showing up at the job that was soul destroying (because I had no other option)

The fact of the matter here is that Recovering from burnout is a journey that requires patience, self-compassion, and a commitment to change. You need to get familiar with the things in your life that are driving the burn out. You will know this in your gut, even though you have likely been running away from it or ignoring it for a while.

It could be-

Feeling like you are doing everything for the whole family without any help or support.

This might seem like a difficult one to untangle. But for example you can start by setting out some chores for your partner or kids to help with, reducing your burden.

Then you can start by getting a meal builder plan in place that will mean that you have building blocks for different meals available through the week. Negating the need to cook four different meals a day.

Then when you have more time you can prioritise self care. Now before you say… absolutely not, I will never have time for this. Hear me out. This could be 5 minutes of breathing exercises or meditation.

This is just a small example from many that I could explore in more detail.

Real talk- Being honest with yourself and your support system is a major part of overcoming burnout. Sometimes someone just being there to hear you talk about how you are feeling and say they understand can lighten the load.

This is a small part of a massive conversation that needs to happen to support the pandemic of burnout that is happening globally. This is the reason why I have implemented my programme-

‘’Breaking Burnout- The 3B Blueprint for Nutrition and Lifestyle Success’’

It's time to revitalise, recharge, and rise above burnout with the transformative power of nutrition and lifestyle change.

1. Basics- It's time to power up with the basics of nutrition and lifestyle change! - By nourishing your body with wholesome foods, prioritising hydration, reducing intake of processed foods and replenishing with wholefoods you can restore your energy, enhance resilience and overcome burnout. This includes introducing structure and routine with time management around your nutrition and lifestyle goals- plans around recipe planning, shopping, meal building and cooking.

2. Balance- Give your body the boost it needs to combat burnout. Balancing blood sugars, restoring gut balance, optimising sleep quality & quantity, achieving hormone balance and revitalising energy levels. These are all part of the longer game but the life changing impact they have when implemented effectively cannot be overlooked. This is an essential step in the Breaking Burnout cycle.

3. Breathe and Banish Stress- prioritising self-care is the goal- carving out time for relaxation and movement, these fundamental shifts will empower you to break free from the grips of burnout and thrive in every aspect of your life. Stress management is a vital step in overcoming burnout. Taking time to slow down and unwind the tight coil that burnout winds us into. This can include meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, yoga- which are the obvious options. But it can include spending time in nature, dancing, singing, music, journalling and whatever helps you to relax and let go.

Setting yourself up for success with habit change is all about breaking down the steps into easy-to-follow information. This is exactly what we do with the Breaking Burnout Programme. By approaching habit change with a clear plan, small steps, and support, you'll pave the way for lasting success and sustainable lifestyle transformation. Always remembering we are aiming for Progress not Perfection!

This is a quick whistle stop introduction to Burn Out Recovery. Stay tuned to my Blog and social media for lot’s more easy to understand information on this.

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(1) Burnout- Solve your stress cycle- Emily & Amelia Nagoski

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