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12 Weeks to Overcome Burnout with my 3B Blueprint- Basics, Balance & Breathe & Banish Stress

My Signature 12 week programme supports you to move from chaos to calm by looking look at some key habits and routines with nutrition, sleep, stress and lifestyle.

This package focuses on assessing your current burnout level and will give you a personalised plan to support your recovery. You will work through your own road map to not only overcome burnout, but to also aim to prevent burnout in the future.

If you want to feel more energised, focused, present and enthusiastic, this is the package for you.

Package Includes-

First & Foremost Accountability- Twice weekly check-ins outside of your weekly consultation

1 x Pre-consultation assessment

1 x Initial Consultation (1 Hour)

11 x Follow up Consultations (Weekly- 30 minutes)

1 x Personalised Nutrition Plan & Road Map for your Health and Wellbeing

Meal Plans and Personal Shopping Lists

Unlimited Email & What's App Support


This is all done to fit in with your life, your schedule and each plan is completely unique to you! 

I will never provide you with an overwhelming plan that you can't deal with. We will agree realistic goals to overcome your everyday obstacles and make them work for your life.

We are aiming for progress not perfection. It is better to make small steps in the right direction than to move backwards or stay in the same place.

Most diet and lifestyle plans are completely unmanageable, you find them overwhelming and give up a week in...sound familiar? This is the complete opposite!

Book a FREE Discovery Call with me now to discuss how this can be your ticket out of burnout for good!

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