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4 Week Kick Start Programme


Restore Kick Start is for you if you are fed up going around in the same vicious cycles when it comes to your nutrition and lifestyle choices.

If you are looking for REALISTIC nutrition information that drills down into your everyday obstacles..then look no further you are in the right place! 

I have seen people struggling with the fundamentals of nutrition for years and I decided it was time to change this. The Kick Start nutrition coaching programme provides you with a toolkit for long lasting habit change.










We all know we have to drink more water. So why is it that every time I am delivering a workshop and I ask the participants how many of them drink enough water, only 5% of them believe they drink enough water. This is not because we don’t know that we should drink water. No this is because of the obstacles that we have around drinking water.


Which can include things like-

Finding water on it’s own too plain

Preferring fizzy drinks over still

Relying on tea and coffee to provide water intake

Amongst many other reasons

These are the type of issues that we drill down into in the first module of the Kick Start Programme.





This 4 week programme covers the fundamentals of nutrition, the essential pillars of your health and wellbeing journey. Everyone wants a magic pill quick fix. But the fact of the matter is that if you don’t have the basics covered you are going to struggle.

This Nutrition Coaching Programme covers 4 topics over 4 weeks-

Week 1- Hydration and fluid intake- this includes water, caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol. We even have you covered if you don't like water!

Week 2- Toxic load and processed food intake- let's get this straight from the get go. I am a realist. I am not going to tell you to avoid processed food completely because I know that is near impossible. But I will make it easier for you to get the balance right with the amount and type of processed food you consume.

Week 3- Replenish with wholefoods- here we will give you lot's of ways to get more nutrient dense, nutritious, delicious food in to your everyday diet.  

Week 4- Managing Stress & Sleep (along with some everyday nutrition tips and tricks)- the fourth fundamental is an important cornerstone and we must keep this front of mind when supporting health. We will give you lot's of inspiration to enhance your sleep and stress management routines.

The Kick Start Programme is for you if you want to-

Have balanced energy levels

Support weight management

Feel better equipped to manage everyday stress

Improve your sleep

Look no further! Kick Start is for you!!

Cut to a familiar scene-

It's Monday morning. You are back on a 'health kick'. Drinking 3 litres of water, eating a tiny amount of calories, forcing yourself to eat 'health foods' and cutting out sugar and carbs.

You are desperately trying to avoid the 3pm sugar slump and lose weight in the process. You want to boost your energy levels without having 10 cups of coffee a day.

But before Monday is even out you have had to have 2 mid afternoon chocolate bars and a grande latte to get you through the evening because you were absolutely starving and had no battery in the tank.

Does this sound familiar?

Let me give you a bit of insight. You are setting yourself unrealistic standards.

Giving yourself unattainable goals that are not going to stick in the long term.

You are missing some of the main fundamentals of nutrition and lifestyle change.

As human beings we prefer to make changes incrementally. When we change a lot of things at one time it feels unmanageable and we feel helpless. Hence the reason why we revert back to our old behaviours.

You are not alone. If you fall into this trap. You are setting yourself up to fail. BUT….HUGE BUT….


Start to set yourself up for success today by joining the Restore Kick Start 4 Week Programme.

On that note let me formally introduce the Kick Start Programme-

Nutritional Coaching with a Registered Nutritional Therapist with a tried and tested approach that has been successful with hundreds of people!

4 weeks

4 x 30-45 minute learning module

Weekly habit forming tasks

Weekly recipes to inspire you in the kitchen

Step by step guides to support you with habit change

Exclusive access to the Kick Start Online Community

Total Value of this programme is PRICELESS! But if I had to put a value on it let’s call it £550

Let’s Break it Down

3 hours of Nutrition Educational content from a registered nutritional therapist- £300

Weekly Habit Forming Tasks- £75

Step by step guides for habit change £50

Exclusive access to the kick start community- £100

Recipe Book and extra recipes £25

Book now and you will get all of this for the exclusive price of…drumroll


My advice. Be quick. This is just an introductory offer. The price will not stay this low!

Just to remind you this is nutritional coaching and educational content that is totally yours once you purchase it. On demand. You sit down and learn at a time that suits you. And you will have access to the online community.

And if all this wasn’t enough…

There will be a group chat that Jade will get involved in to answer any questions you might have around your learning.


What are you waiting for???

Give yourself a Kick Start Today!

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