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Revive & Reset 4 Week Planner


We are delighted to share our Exclusive 'Revive & Reset 4 Week Planner' with you as a gift from us to you to allow you to continue your burnout recovery journey well after our fabulous retreat day.

Revive&Reset- 4 Week Planner (Facebook Post (Square)).png
Revive&Reset- 4 Week Planner (Facebook Post (Square)).png

Are you ready to reclaim your energy, motivation, and focus? Say hello to our transformative 4-week plan designed to guide you toward overcoming burnout and embracing a revitalised life!


We know making habit changes to overcome burnout can be overwhelming and you need some extra support to stay accountable and consistent with this.

You can work with both Jade and Embodied privately to supercharge your recovery from Burnout.

Book a Free Consultation with Jade to discuss your burnout journey and how her 1-2-1 programme 'Balance Beyond Burnout can support you.


You can also book 1-2-1 sessions and group sessions with Louise and Laurie at Embodied to support your movement and mobility in their amazing studio based in Clarendon Street, Derry.

Revive&Reset- 4 Week Planner (Facebook Post (Square)) (2).png

Don't Forget to join the Facebook Group for extra support from us and all of the other amazing ladies at the retreat!

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