Sports nutrition support for optimum output and results 

Restore Performance focuses on providing the body with

the correct balance of nutrients to support optimal energy levels.

Understanding metabolism and what is the correct nutritional protocol for

the exercise type that is being undertaken.

Considering a few vital areas of interest-

​1. The effects of carbohydrates on performance, optimal intake and guidelines on best time for consumption.

2. Understanding the importance of proteins and fats in competition and performance, optimal intake and how they can be used as fuel.

3. Hydration and the importance of consistency.

4. The need for specific nutrients in sports performance and recovery.


Investigation- DNA tests & reports to investigate cardio-vascular adaption, strategic fueling and structural strength. Analyses resilience and recovery statistics along with key performance indicators. Knowledge on genetic make up could be the factor that

gives you an added edge on your competitors. (Optional- added cost)