Supporting thyroid and adrenal function to restore balanced energy levels.

The main focus of this package is on the optimisation of the nutrients required for thyroid hormone production, activation and metabolism. The aim is to support the management of symptoms commonly experienced with thyroid conditions including poor memory and  concentration, fatigue, sleep disturbances, digestive issues, weight management, hair loss, cravings and stress management.

Step 1: Reducing inflammation by eliminating irritants to the gut. Gut health directly effects the function of the thyroid. With an added focus on reducing oxidative stress commonly related to thyroid conditions.

Step 2: Support mitochondrial function by optimising nutrients required for thyroid function.

Step 3: Lifestyle stressors will be analysed with an aim to provide strategies to implement new positive behaviours.

Step 4: Addressing hormone disruptors and reducing/eliminating their exposure.


Investigation- Complete thyroid hormone panel including thyroid supporting nutrient panel including T3, T4, TRH, TSH, rT3, antibodies (Optional-added cost)